we are Citizen.

we are inspired by the idea of citizenship - being conscious, active members of society, on a local and global level.

we enjoy working for organisations, no matter how big or small, who seek to make the world a better place.

we provide bespoke marketing solutions for causes we love.

we believe in the power of collaboration; working with a talented collective on a common cause.

we are small and agile and don’t agree with a rigid approach to fees. We identify the areas where we can be most helpful, working closely with our clients to deliver effective solutions within their budget.

So you get big agency expertise with our small agency flexibility, with work individually tailored to your needs.

Amy Gilpin
07985 122 613

Tain Oliff
07890 636 770

We are CITIZEN Ltd. Company no: 08043273. VAT registration no: 135 3074 36.